Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun Weekend of Valentine's & Chinese New Year Celebration in Hilo!

Aloha Kakou! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Enjoy the photos and Lots of Aloha & Love from Reiko

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sig Zane Designs Canvas Bag @ Big Island Candies!

Aloha Kakou!
I went to Big Island Candies the other day. I love this place! Aside from the obvious fact that they have delicious goodies, but they also have the most beautiful seasonal decorations!
And guess what I found! A Sig Zane for Big Island Candies canvas shopping bag, with the puakenikeni flower design! This was the first design that Sig did a few years ago for the gift box design. It's $15.00 or you can exchange it with 3 Mahalo Cards. This is one of a kind, "only sold at the Big Island Candies store in Hilo" kind of an item, so don't miss the chance when you come visiting Hilo, and make sure y'all stop by at both of our stores, y'hear?!
Well, have a wonderful weekend, y'all!!!
Love and Aloha, Reiko

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hilo is Always Rainy!

Aloha Kakou!
There is an 'Olelo No'eau (Hawaiian proverb) that describes the Hilo weather today perfectly...
'Ele'ele Hilo, panopano i ka ua
Dark is hilo, clouded with the rain.
Hilo is always rainy.
I found this proverb in the very famous book by Mary Kawena Pukui, as I was reminded of the famous Hilo rain today.


‘Ele ‘ele Hilo, panopano i ka ua.

エレエレ ヒロ、パノパノ イ カ ウア




これはハワイの人間国宝とも言われたメアリー・カヴェナ・プクイにより出版された「オレロ・ノエアウ(‘Olelo No‘eau)」というハワイの格言集から引用しました。


And here is a brand new t-shirt from Sig Zane Designs! Enjoy this Ka'ula Print, and it will be available soon at our website store too!
Have a great day & With Aloha,