Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn in New York Weekend 2009

Aloha Kakou!
It's been a while I know, and what have I been up to lately? Well, I went from a gorgeous weather in paradise = Hilo, Hawai'i, to a wet and chilly weather in Larchmont, New York!

Aloha! ご無沙汰です♪ 最近なにをしていたかって、実はハワイ島ヒロのこんなゴージャスなお天気から雨降りのさむ~いニューヨークのラーチモントという

There was a very good reason for that... I came back to my hometown, Larchmont where I grew up, to attend the 30th High School Reunion with my Mamaroneck High School Classmates (and stop counting the years ya'll!!)


Farmer's Market right above the train station.


The mushroom quiche made by this French chef was delicious.


And here we are at Larchmont Yacht Club for the 30th Reunion! It was a blast. It was so good and I was so busy catching up that I forgot to take any photos!


And of course, one night just wasn't enough to catch up with all so we got together at Chat 19 for Sunday Brunch and had another fabulous time catching up with each other and making new found bonds.


Afterwards, my friends took me to a nostalgia drive through Larchmont, taking me to all the places filled with memories, and it was gorgeous!


And this is my Alma mater, Mamaroneck High School. the same school as Norman Rockwell (the artist) and Matt Dillon (the actor).


My friends came to the train station to see me off to NYC, my next destination!

And here I am now in Park Slopes, Brooklyn. My friends, Michael and Amy who are awesome cook hosts!

And today I went to Sweet Melissa's and had a Champagne Tea... it was simply delicious.

More to follow....

続く・・・ お楽しみに♪