Friday, March 14, 2008

Mermaid for Merrie Monarch!

Aloha Kakou!
Hope everyone has been well... I know you are all super-busy out there too. It must be that time of the year... Yes, Merrie Monarch Festival is coming to town to Hilo!
And look what's in town, just for all you ladies out there... beautiful dresses from Sig Zane Designs!
And what you see is the latest style, called the Laniha`aha`a Dress. It's got the mermaid line, and the flare at the bottom, and it's a very 'comfy-yet-elegant-at-the-same-time" kinda dress, which I love. There are 5 different color/print offerings so come and try it on!
We have other new dresses as well, and I will up date them as much as I can in the days to come...

Take care and a hui hou!

Love and Peace, Reiko

アローハ!ご無沙汰しております~!皆様お元気ですか?なんだかこの忙しいのは私だけではないのはず… かなりのお久しぶりです♪
Love & Peace,