Saturday, June 30, 2007

Aloha from Miyazaki Day 2 & 3!!!


I'm updating the report of the Moku O Keawe International Festival in Miyazaki, Japan!

Please enjoy the photos...

Love Reiko

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Aloha Miyazaki!

Aloha from Miyazaki, Japan!
It's Moku O Keawe time here, and it's good to be back!
We were welcomed with a big aloha and Sig Zane adorned staff at the Miyazaki Airport, and that made us feel instantly at home. Mahalo nui!
The Festival will kick off today, with workshops by Kumu Nalani Kanaka`ole, Sonny Ching and Charles Kaupu.

After the welcome, we headed straight to the Aoshima Shrine about 20 minutes away from town, to pray to the gods for the success of the festival.
Inside the shrine, we participated in the prayer ceremony which is always a humbling moment.
Here's Nani Lim Yap, who is the produced of the MOKIF in Miyazaki. As the representative of the group, she wrote a prayer plaque asking for the success.

Nalani and Sig take a moment to pose for the lens. Behind them, you can see the Aoshima Island where the prayer offering was made at the shrine. This is where the stories of ancient Japan was made!

And here's Kumu Charles Kaupu and the Lion!
Enjoy your day and aloha from Miyazaki!
Love Reiko

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Sun Summer Solstice!

Aloha Kakou and Happy Solstice!
How are you enjoying the official arrival of summer?
It's really nice to see the longer day lights, and see the beautiful summer days arrive in Hilo!

夏至ですね♪ こちらも大分一日が長くなりなんだか得した気分の今日この頃。仕事をして帰宅しても未だ外が明るいのって嬉しいですよね。

As we get ready to leave for MOKIF in Miyazaki , lots of new summer dresses are arriving at the store. Thank goodness, because as temperature is rising and we girls need some new "cool" dresses!


While we're at it, news about town. There is a new gourmet food store in downtown Hilo, called Hilo Bay Fine Food Emporium. This is a true welcome, the kind of a store I've been waiting for! They carry Hawai`i made products, and other quality food items. It's only a block away from the Farmer's Market, so stop by and check-it out!
Well, have a fun filled weekend!
Me Ke Aloha,

Monday, June 18, 2007

Miyazaki Here We Go!

Aloha Kakou!
June is whizzing by so fast!
We're going to be in Miyazaki City soon, to participate in the 2nd Annual Moku O Keawe International Festival Miyazaki, Japan. This is the preliminary competition to the one that's going to be held in November here in Kona!
This is the photo from last year's welcoming that they gave us at Miyazaki Airport, as all of us from Hawai`i arrived.



Sig Zane Designs will be there at Seagaia Hall to share our distinct island wearables at the Market Place. We'll be bringing with us, new Ipu bags, all sizes of the Backstage Bags, plus dresses for all occasions, and of course our aloha shirts!

So be sure to come check us out while we're there, from June 29 & 30!


This is the Hulale`a Dress which is one of the dresses that will be available, modeled by one of our concierges.
Mahalo Brandy for modeling!


And to finish off today's blog, here are some of the new leather bags and wallets. It's the Kukui leaf motif, and the tree is right outside our store... aren't they beautiful?
Well, have a wonderful day and much aloha!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy Birthday & Happy One Year Anniversary!

Aloha Kakou!

Yes, just almost three days ago was my XX-sixth's birthday... I know with all the most beautiful leis around my neck, I look like I just graduated from high school (late bloomer?!)! !
OK, don't want to get carried away too much here, but I also noticed that it's been already one year since I started this ReikoHawaii Blog!
So, a BIG MAHALO to all of you who have visited my blog and Happy One Year Anniversary (and hopefully, many more blog days/years to come)!

With Aloha, Reiko
P.S. Yes, that's Sig Zane himself joining me in the fun of blowing away that one extra candle for good luck! Mahalo nui to my fabulous boss and colleagues who made it a wonderful and memorable day!