Monday, October 08, 2007

Waikiki Fashion Weekend Report #1!

Aloha Kakou!!
Long time no hear from moi.
I was away for the Sig Zane in Waikiki Fashion Show, and took lots of pictures to make up for last week's "no hear"!
It was beautiful in Waikiki... Diamond Head, blue skies, blue ocean... Could just start singing that classic song...
And the shows were a huge success! More photos and comments to come later. For now, enjoy the pics, as looks can go beyond words sometimes...

Aloha Reiko



This is Bertil Long, speaking as one of the chairpersons for the Moku O Keawe Foundation.

This is the wonderful Kathy Long, who is a Big Island resident artist who has dedicated her art work this year to the Foundation.

Kumu Nani Lim Yap, always looking fab (especially in our custom made jacket) speaks about the Festival.

Kumu Charles Kaupu brought the elements together and blessed the event with his chant.

Side stage is always fun!

Kumu Nalani Kanaka`ole will be conducting an `ohe kapala workshop at this year's Festival on Nov. 8 & 9.

Lance Duyao of Big Island Candies! They will be sponsoring the Keali`i Reichel's Opening Night Concert at the Festival.

This is Michael Pili Pang, Cultural Liaison of City & County of Honolulu. He read out a proclamation written by Mayor Mufi Hanneman, which was wonderful. Mahalo nui loa!!

Mistress of Ceremonies was the unmistakable Desiree Cruz. She was a delight.

Always elegant Aunty Mapu Yasue and Sig.

And the 2008 Wailani Collection was revealed as the beautiful music by Na Palapalai filled the air...
Konishiki and his very pretty wife, Chie (a.k.a. singer Taupo) with Kumu Nalani.
Sig and his Wonderful Zane Ohana!
Some of the Beautiful Models...
Atsuko and her husband Fuku looking very happy!
She is the person who helped create all the beautiful dresses!

Dr. Taupouri Tangaro, creator of the amazing hair styles! More about his creations in my additional entry!


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