Monday, December 04, 2006

122 Kamehameha Avenue Update!

Aloha Kakou!
Howzit!? Hope your Christmas shopping is going smoothe... As we prepare for the holidays, it's exciting to know that the renovation is continuing to happen at our "old" store at 122 Kamehameha Avenue as we speak! Just look at the width of the store front, where Sig is standing, and see how wide the store will be!
While you check-out our renovations, make sure to stop by to shop, or channel your Christmas gift wish list to that special person at our temporal store at 114 Kamehameha Avenue!
Have a wonderful day!

アローハ!お元気ですか?クリスマスプレゼントのお買い物状況は如何ですか?こちらはヒロ店の増築工事もお陰様で順調に進んでおります!シグの立っている場所辺りが122 Kamehameha Avenue のお店の出入り口になるはずですが、前のドアから比べると倍は広くなること間違い無しなのでとにかく完成が楽しみです!
そして114 Kamehameha Avenueにある仮店舗での営業もクリスマスに備えて新着商品がこれから毎日到着する予定ですのでどうぞ遊びにいらしてくださいね~!サンタさんへのお願いリストも忘れずに!


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aloha Reiko!
Mahalo for sharing the photos of the renovations! It will certainly garner attention as our friends really want to know how things are going! Every tidbit that is shared with them is much bigger than we think, especially because we are here and they not! Thanks for helping make their holiday a bright!

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Reiko / SigZaneOhana said...

Aloha Sig!
Mahalo for your positive comment!
It's my pleasure to give the updates and share what's going on around here at Sig Zane Designs... your personal eyewitness reporter!

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