Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mo`olahui Hawai`i by Nalani Kanaka`ole

Aloha! There are so many exciting things going on around town!
This month, Hawai`i Community College is hosting "Mo`olahui Hawai`i" to celebrate the Hawaiian culture and history, and as the top batter, Nalani Kanaka`ole gave a speech on the "Laws of Nature Through Mo`olelo". She shared her in depth knowledge about how our environment was goverened by laws that came down from nature gods.

And following Nalani's session a few days later was a report by Edward Halealoha Ayau, who is the director of Hui Malama, talking about "Honoring Kupuna", which was inspirational, to say the least!
Here, he can be seen with his wife and singer, Kainani Kahaunaele. A beautiful couple!
そして数日後、次はエドワード・ハレアロハ・アヤウ氏による「クプナを敬う」と言う講義を聴いて参りました。彼は弁護士であり、又「フイ・マラマ」 と言う団体のディレクターでもあり、なにしろ素晴しい勇気と決意を持たれたアクティヴィストでもあります。奥さんでもあり、シンガーとしても活躍中のカイナニ・カハウナエレさんと講義のあと一緒に写真を撮らせて頂きました。素敵なカップルですよね。


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