Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chinese New Year Festival 2011 in Hilo

 Kung Hee Fat Choy! 
We celebrated its 9th Annual Hilo Chinese New Year Festival this past Saturday February 12.


 Here at Sig Zane Designs, the early morning was spent prepping the store for the lion's visit.

 This is Sig getting the offering of Chinese cabbage ready for the lion above the doorway.

 This is Kuha'o, Sig's son and graphic designer, prepping the firecrackers that is going to be hung right in front of the store! Look how long it is...

 And this is the Year of the Rabbit T-shirts!

 This is Hana Hou, one of my most favorite stores in Hilo (or in the world for that matter!) And they had an awesome firecracker and blessing.

 Here they come...

 The lion dancing was presented by Ed Yap's Big Island Shaolin Arts Lion Dancers. 
They are an awesome team of lion dancers, so exciting and animated.

 The Lion enters Hana Hou to bless the store...

 Michelle, the store owner and family looks on as the lion devours the offerings after the blessing of the store.

 Kids just LOVE the Lion and watches through the window as it eats the cabbage that was hanging just above.
 That's Sig and Luke, with some cool tenuguis (cotton hand towels) on the wall from Nuguu in Kamakura!
Mahalo for the good time!

 It was a gorgeous day in Hilo, and at Kalakaua Park. I hope King Kalakaua, who's Summer House used to be just across the street was happy to have such fun and happy festival at his place!

 There was a Keiki Costume Contest too.

Lastly but not least, mahalo to Nelson Makua of Na Makua for the great Year of the Rabbit design!


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