Thursday, December 02, 2010

Imu Turkey Thanksgiving 2010

Aloha mai e Kakou!
Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving... I did!!!
I know, it's already Christmas in 3 weeks (yikes!) but here is a photo documentary report of my special experience "making" imu (Hawaiian style underground oven) turkey, so here it is!


First, over the hole in the ground, a pile of wood and rocks are strategically placed.
Preparation is everything. Ti leaves, banana leaves & stalks, etc. are some vegetation that are used.


Getting the fire going so that the rocks retain heat is key to the imu oven.


And in the meantime, preparation of the food! Turkey and pork butt (for the kalua pig) are the main oven items.


And after about an hour, it's ready! 待つこと1時間ほど・・・さあOKです!

Then, banana stalks, ti leaves are placed over the hot rocks...

Food for 5 families awaits the imu! 5家族分のターキーと食材!

And they are placed on top... そして食材は上に置かれ・・・

Banana leaves and then moistened burlap bags, tarp, and finally sand are layered on top to retain the heat and smoke.


And you wait for 12 hours!!!! そして12時間待ちます!!!
Here it is, the next morning after all of the layers are taken off, and the foods are nicely smoked and cooked.


Ono-licious Imu Turkey! 美味しいイム・ターキーでした~!

 Mahalo nui loa to the Valente Family for this fabulous and successful experience!

 And mahalo nui to the imu... A hui hou 2011!!!


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