Friday, November 19, 2010

MOKIF 2010: Ipu Heke Workshop

Aloha & Happy Friday! It's hard to believe only three weeks ago was the Moku O Keawe International Festival. Time sure flies. 


Today, I'm going to write briefly about the Ipu Heke Workshop taught by Kalim & Kuuleialoha Smith and Palala from Kauai. As you may know, ipu heke is a traditional Hawaiian instrument that is made by putting two gourds together and is used to provide rhythm and beat during a hula kahiko performance. This was a 2 day workshop, and it's pretty amazing to think that you can make your own ipu heke just in that time!

今日は先日参加したイプ・ヘケ・ワークショップの様子を簡単にご紹介いさせていただきます。イプ・ヘケとはひょうたんを二つ合わせて作ったハワイの伝統的な打楽器で、フラ・カヒコの際に使われます。二日間かけて自分のイプ・ヘケを 作ってしまう、なんてすごいですよね。先生はカリムとクウレイアロハ・スミス夫妻とカウアイ島のパララさんの三人でした。

When we went down to the beach to wash the gourds with salt water, we were greeted by a honu (turtle)! We really felt blessed! Mahalo nui honu for the aloha!


It was definitely a hands-on workshop. You can see what great efforts were put in there!

This is Kuuleialoha & Kalim, who tend to their organic ipu farm in California with aloha. Please visit their website and see their beautiful ipu heke products. With Kalim, who is of Native American ancestry, and Kuuleialoha with her Hawaiian Native ancestry, together they make something totally special!


And here are the students with their own hand-made ipu heke! Hope the ipu heke will beat many happy rhythm & beats! 
Me Ke Aloha,


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