Monday, April 28, 2008

Anna Was Here!!!

Aloha mai kakou!
What a wonderful month this has been, the month of April!
Starting off with Hilo's Merrie Monarch Festival, I can't believe it's already at the end of the month!
Well, to catch up with you with the most recent happening in town, Ms. Anna Saeki, the beautiful Diva of Tango was here and I got to go to see her concert at the Palace Theater in downtown Hilo.
The ambiance of the classic theater added to the night as Anna's tango world made you feel as though you could be in Buenos Aires!

Aloha! 皆様ご無沙汰しておりますがお元気でしたか?

This is Anna's 21st Anniversary tour and she has traveled so far, to Buenos Aires, Sau Paulo, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, China and to Hilo. And after this stop, she will be heading over to tour Japan and on to NYC. She's got an exciting year ahead of her for sure!

Anna's Band gave a wonderful performance, giving us an authentic experience of Tango music. As the pianist said, it may have been the first time that a Tango Argentina Band has performed wearing an aloha attire. If that is true, Sig Zane Designs would be part of history, as they looked and sounded very handsome in our shirts!
さて、こちらの杏奈さんを支えるバンドがまたとっても素晴らしかったです♪そしてなんとSig Zane Designsのシャツを着て演奏をしていただきました!ピアニストの方曰く、タンゴ・アルゼンチーノのバンドとしては初めてアロハ・シャツを着て演奏するバンドとなったのではないか?と仰っていましたがもしかして本当にそうかもしれませんね!

Anna also wore an ensemble which were made by Sig Zane Designs. This of course was special one of a kind made just for her for this occasion, and she looked elegant and of course, beautiful!


And here is Maestro of Bandoneon, Tito Castro. His performance on the instrument made it evident that he is a master of an art form. His music was full of the "old world" verve and charm!


Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos! Here is Anna wearing her traditional Vietnamese outfit, aodsai with a cuttleya that was named after Anna from Akatsuka Orchids!
Bravo Anna and Mahalo!

Love and Aloha,




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