Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Merrie Monarch Week is Here!!!

Aloha Kakou!
Yes, the Merrie Monarch Festival Week is here!
And it's the most exciting time in Hilo for sure, one that everyone looks forward to.
Mahalo to ALL that make the way to Hilo, and to Sig Zane Designs store in Downtown.
Here, I was lucky to be able to take this photo of Kumu Hula Keali'i Ceballos and his Halau Keali'i O Nalani guys. Mahalo for sharing your smiles!
Please check the front page of the Sig Zane Designs' website, as there will be a camera roll from 5 "photographers" who will be updating as we go through the day!

And here are the ladies from Halau Ka Ua Kani Lehua of Kumu Hula Uncle Johnny Lum Ho's halau. Looking very nani in Sig Zane Designs' Waipunalei Dress with the Maile print.
They performed at the Ho'olaulea on Sunday at the Afook-Chinen Civic Auditorium.
And the week has just started!
So, a big ALOHA to all of you out there, and a Happy Merrie Monarch Week!

Love and Peace,





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始まりましたね〜メリモ。 昨晩はミスアロハをウェブで最後まで見て寝不足になりました。 寝たのは朝3時です〜。でもとっても良かった! 今晩もがんばるぞ〜。ところで、シグのお店、すごい人人人ですね。ビックリしました。不景気はどこえやら。ショップ内で演奏もしてるのですか? シグカメラ、グ〜!いい企画です。 楽しみにしてるのでアップお願いしますね。来年はメリモに行くぞ〜と心に決めてますが、、、実現するかな〜。 ではでは、仕事がんばってください。


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